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Come 'n' color at Tante Nino

Tante Nino, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

October 15 - November 14, 2021

The walls of this very special and unusual event/gallery/concert space, called Tante Nino, were covered with drawings from the SOUL KITCHEN coloring book.

Visitors could walk in and color during the whole duration of the one-month event. People visiting other events, like concerts and kids’ workshops, could also add their colors to the drawings on the walls.

* * * * *

Tante Nino (established by Nino Purtskhvanidze) is fascinated by people and their diversity. Through image, music, dialogue, and delicious food, Tante Nino brings 'strangers' together. Just as Nino herself, her space is a connector of different cultures and ages. Tante Nino is located on Nordereiland, an island in the heart of Rotterdam.

Event Gallery

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