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Come 'n' color at Haus der Statistik

Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany

July 17, 2021

In the yard of this very Berlin-looking and vibrant place, “Ko-Markt” is organized where resources like knowledge, goods, and emotions are traded and where economic profit plays a secondary role.

Pages from the coloring book SOUL KITCHEN, together with the colored pencils were provided on a strangely shaped table, around which people could gather, color, and have conversations. Coloring is a very meditative activity and is enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike.

* * * * *

The initiative Haus der Statistik was formed as an alliance of various Berlin actors: social and cultural institutions and associations, artist collectives, architects, foundations and societies. Since the beginning of 2016, it has organized public networking meetings for people interested in the development of Haus der Statistik.

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