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Come 'n' color at Ezo

Ezo, Tbilisi, Georgia

June 26 & 27, 2021

The prints from the coloring book SOUL KITCHEN were enlarged and placed on the walls of this charming Tbilisi courtyard. Visitors could escape the heat of the city by going in the shadow of the courtyard and getting busy together with their kids. There is enough space to run around, play with the water fountain, get refreshments and quietly enjoy coloring in a concentrated manner.

* * * * *

In Georgian Ezo means a courtyard, and that's exactly what it is. Located in the old town, in a charming part of Tbilisi called Sololaki, it is a very pleasant destination with good food, where kids and animals are welcome. Besides serving food, Ezo hosts events and markets of local handmade products and organizes workshops.

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